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Exilio Transitorio

viñu-vinu & le CEM - Exilio Transitorio Live A/V
vinu-vinuCEM - Constantin Monfilliette.j

Exilio Transitorio was inspired by a book of poems that my father, Francisco Viñuela, wrote after his exile from Chile during Pinochet's coup d'état in 1973. The poems, written in Spanish and French, relate his exile from his country, and initiate a humanist reflection on the devastating effects of totalitarian regimes and political wars. Created as a cinematic journey, Exilio Transitorio serves as a soundtrack honoring my father’s book. It is meant to inspire deep reflection in the hope that we do not forget these events and find a better world.

I was an artist in residence with le Centre d'Expérimentation Musicale for two weeks back in March 2019 where I wrote the core compositions and started the production of the music. I worked individually with the artists of the centre to create and rehearse a show that would become the backbone of what Exilio Transitorio is today. The hybrid creations that came out of this process are dynamic and varied, blending electronic music with a six-piece acoustic band, jazz harmony, improvisations, and poetry in a unique and emotional way. Later that same year, I had the opportunity to participate in a six-week artist residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity. That’s where most of the final production and mixing of the album took place. In Banff, I was also really lucky to meet Julián Muro, an Argentinian musician, singer-songwriter, composer and poet, who graciously agreed to spend some time in the studio with me and record some of the poetry in Spanish. Like the journey that led to the creation of this project, this final iteration of Exilio Transitorio finds its way between light and darkness, melodicism and experimentation, ambience and groove, desperation and hope.

This live audio-visual show brings the music of Exilio Transitorio to the stage with a six-piece electro-acoustic band and live video. The video projections are based on archives images and textures from the actual book of poem mixed with geometric and fractal creations that are being played and processed in real time by artist Simon Lacoste.

viñu-vinu & le CEM

Gabriel Vinuela : compositions, keyboards and live electronics

Sara Létourneau : voice, music box and sound objects

Pascal Beaulieu : bass

Robert Pelletier : vibraphone

Sébastien Savard : baritone violin

David Simard : drums

Simon Lacoste : live video projections and lighting


Gabriel Vinuela


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