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Echoes from Afar Live A/V, 2019



MJ Farrell, live visuals

Echoes from Afar is inspired by unknown faraway lands and nature, its colorful and gorgeously evocative soundscapes seek the fine line between ambient experimental textures and downtempo beats all applied in live electronic music performances. All the tracks in this album were recorded live during a residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in December 2017 and in Montreal in the winter 2018. From this commitment to organic processes and spontaneity, emerge dreamlike sonic tapestries that develop naturally and let the listener’s mind drift between a state of consciousness and unconsciousness.

This Live A/V brings visual artist MJ Farrell magnetic tape and vhs aesthetic to the project. Oscillating between nature documentary source material and, either faded or vibrant, abstract tableaux created through video feedbacks and analog processes, MJ interacts with the music as an echo of what’s being played in the moment. In the same way, I improvise parts or change effects reflecting some unexpected turns he might bring on the screen. In this piece, we create space for a unique dialogue to happen, where sound and projections both feel like a distant memory. Echoes from Afar is a meditative and reflective experience that questions our place in the physical world and our relationship to nature.

Live hardware set, 2019

viñu-vinu : digitakt, OP-1, FX pedals

Ambient / Experimental improvised live set, 2020

viñu-vinu: OP-1 + FX pedals

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